You, unstoppable. Inspired.
Accelerating forward. Undeterred by obstacles.

Learn to use those parts of yourself and your situation you can fully control to maximize performance and results, increasing your power and efficacy in the face of any circumstance.

Neuroscience studies at multiple universities show that our brains are far more adaptable than previously thought.  In fact, our brains change every day depending on what we do, think, and experience.

With training and practice, you can transform your brain and advance your performance in all areas of your life.

Leigh’s powerful, market-tested approach builds on scientifically tested principles from the leading edge fields of neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral economics.

These tools and principles will help you or your organization
Increase motivation and ability to stay focused.
Recognize your unique strengths and design your goals and your life to more effectively deploy them.
Establish powerful new behaviors that eradicate unproductive habits.

Your LIFE and your TIME are precious.
Are you giving and getting EVERYTHING you can?
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“There is substantial evidence from well controlled studies that skills that increase resilience, positive emotion, engagement and meaning can be taught.”

From Positive education: Positive psychology and… interventions by Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD and Founder of Positive Psychology